American Camera Surveillance, Inc., will assess, design and install the surveillance video system to help you look after what is most important to you. We can help to ensure you, your customers and employees the best in crime deterrence, protection and emergency assistance. Camera surveillance has evolved into an interactive tool to aid you in business management. We can present you with scalable solutions to help you monitor inventories, off-site properties, jobsites, point-of-sale transactions, etc., from PC’s on-site or from remote locations. Whether you would like to secure your assets or just look after the kids around the pool, we can help.

ACS, Inc. provides affordable security without compromise. Our company currently holds the highest rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has done so for years.

Free Evaluation — No Obligation
The safety of your business means as much to us as it does to you. If you do not currently have a camera surveillance system in place at your business, we would like to have one of our security professionals meet with you and show you how these systems can benefit your business and save you future lost revenue. If you have a current system which does not meet your needs, we would gladly assist you in making sure that it does.